2017 Youth In Philanthropy

The Youth In Philanthropy program has had another successful and exciting year. We have 27 students from Elton Collegiate, Vincent Massey High School, and Neelin High School participating  this year and we are thrilled that United Way of Brandon and District are funding partners with the Brandon Area Community Foundation again this year.  Thank you everyone!

YIP students give their time, care and help to causes they care about.  With the support of their YIP teacher advisor, each YIP committee’s primary role is to make grants to projects in their local community.  This year $10,000.00 was granted to:


Canadian Cancer Society – $500.00
Manitoba Swim Ability – $500.00
Teen Challenge – $500.00
Vincent Massey High School Music Association – $500.00
Westman Immigrant Services – $500.00
Westman Dream for Kids  – 2 grants x $500.00
Canadian Diabetes Association – $500.00
YWCA Meredith Place – $500.00
Waves of Hope – $500.00
Child and Family Services Elspeth Reid Resource Centre – $200.00

Child and Family Services Pre-School – $300.00
Child and Family Services Sun Fund for Kids – $500.00
Samaritan House Ministries Inc. – $500.00
Child and Family Services Foundation – $500.00
Rapid City Library – $500.00
Rapid City Museum – $500.00
Big Brothers and Sisters of Brandon – 3 grants – $500.00
Brandon Regional Health Foundation – $500.00

Youth In Philanthropy

Growing Youth Participation

in Philanthropy and Volunteerism



Youth In Philanthropy (YIP) engages youth in their communities.  YIP reinforces the spirit of giving in young people.  YIP provides opportunities for leadership development.  YIP gives youth a voice in community foundations and communities.  YIP teaches youth to be the citizens of tomorrow by enhancing their own communities today.