In March of 1969 a group of local women came together to fulfill their need of fellowship and community service in their area.  The group meets in the evening hence the name Brandon Hills Fireflies came to be, as they would “light up the night”.

One of the main goals for the Brandon Hills Fireflies group is to keep their community members connected through community activities.  Such activities that take place are tours of local businesses and other interesting venues, presentation and service and fellowship is instilled within everyone who participates.

With the success of this annual event they are able to make financial donations to various charities, one of which is the Brandon Area Community Foundation.  The group always strive to have their donations remain within the Westman area.

Spokesperson Darlene McPherson comments: “With the decline in rural families, we certainly have experienced a decline in our membership.  for those of us who reamin active with the Fireflies, we feel we are fulfilling a need in our community.  We are keeping our rural friends and neighbours informed and conncected but at the same time we hope we are helping organizations with our donations”.

The Fireflies are definitely a shining light of community spirit!