Around 1879 English settlers arrived in the Brandon Hills area.  Reverend John Fredric Rounthwaite passed away and was buried in the cemetery beside the church.

In 1892 the railway came through about 1 1/2 miles east of the church’s location forcing St. John the Divine Anglican Church to be moved to the Rounthwaite townsite leaving the cemetery out of the country where t is still located to this day.

In the 1950’s the Anglican Church formally gave the cemetery to the Rounthwaite community.  The cemetery has been under the direction of the local volunteers ever since 1987-1988 many spruce trees were planted adding shelter from the wind and beauty to the background of the cemetery.  by 1996, the decision was made to incorporate under the name “Rounthwaite Cemetery Society”, shortly thereafter we received charitable status.

As they years have gone by, the cemetery had been groomed by volunteers, now with donations from generous community supporters they committee has been able to hire individuals to mow and maintain the grounds as well having installed a new chain link fence making the cemetery a very attractive place in our community.

2013, the directors of the Rounthwaite Cemetery are very pleased to have established a fund with the Brandon Area Community Foundation.  The surplus earned fro our fund will then be available for any repairs and maintenance needed for the cemetery grounds.

Any future donations for the Rounthwaite Cemetery can be sent to the Brandon Area Community Foundation.