And the winner is…Rapid City First Responders!

Monday night was an incredible evening of local women coming together and giving back to Brandon and Area. Thank you to all of you in attendance. Thank you to Kim Lewarne along with her volunteer for the delicious appetizers! We appreciate all of our nominating members who presented their charities that night. Our three nominations were Suicide Prevention Implementation, Boyd Stadium, and Rapid City First Responders.  All 3 of these nominated charities do such wonderful work and serve our community! We all know it was a hard decision. Thank you to all who presented and congratulations to Rapid City First Responders!

Our group’s continued success depends upon your generosity!

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 With your support we were able to grant $585,193.00

to Brandon and Southwestern MB community projects!


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Welcome to our 2nd Year 100 Women Who Care Brandon & Area!

Next meeting – November 27th 2017

2017 Youth In Philanthropy

“Youth in Philanthropy” Grants Presentation, May 24th, 2017…. Brandon Area Community Foundation and United Way of Brandon & District fund the Youth in Philanthropy program through Elton Collegiate, Crocus Plains High School, Vincent Massey High School and Neelin High School.