Grant Polices + Guidelines


In order to maximize the impact and effectiveness of our resources, BACF encourages organizations to submit innovative, well planned and managed projects. Each grant application will be required to meet the following criteria:

  • Must have other funding Partners financially committed to the project. (BACF can not be the only financial source of funding.)
  • Must provide two (2) contractor/supplier quotes if applicable;
  • Build on the strengths of the community to respond to identified issues and priorities;
  • Demonstrate responsible financial and legal accountability;
  • Organizations must be well governed and managed;
  • Be timely;
  • Be realistic and within the capacity of the organization to carry out;
  • Not duplicate existing services or, if so, demonstrate that the overlap is warranted;
  • Demonstrate inclusiveness and respect for cultural diversity;
  • Provide evidence of collaboration/funding sources with other community agencies;
  • Demonstrate a reasonable probability of ongoing support from other funding sources in the future, or clearly indicate that the project is intended to continue for only a limited time span.


If you are not a registered charity but wish to apply for funding, you can consider the following options:

  • Make a formal application to CRA to become a registered charity  click here to visit CRA’s website for more details
  • Establish a written partnership with a registered charity that would apply for funds for the proposed project. CRA recommends that the relationship between the registered charity and the non-charitable organization be formalized and documented.  Note that the opportunity to apply with a   charitable partner is not meant to allow groups to circumvent CRA rules, but rather to support genuine partnerships between charities and non-profits.
  • Projects must be located in, or be of direct benefit to the citizens of Brandon and the surrounding communities of Western Manitoba.

Formal Requirements

  • Charitable organizations must be registered with Canada  Revenue Agency (CRA) or be sponsored by a charitable organization.
  • Grants are only made to organizations that can issue CRA Official Tax Receipts.
  • Groups or organizations that are sponsored by a charitable organization must have a formal, written agency agreement with that charitable organization, which must conform to CRA requirements and be acceptable in both content and form with the Brandon Area Community Foundation formal granting requirements.
  • Projects must be located in, or be of direct benefit to the citizens of Brandon and the surrounding communities of southwestern Manitoba.

Ineligible Projects

Brandon Area Community Foundation will not fund:

  • Endowments
  • Fundraising events
  • Retroactive funding, or for any project expenses to be incurred prior to the Community Foundation’s decision date
  • Debt retirement
  • Individuals
  • Replacement of public sector funds
  • Conference registration fees and memberships
  • Direct religious activities
  • Political organizations


  • Each applicant must complete and provide all required information listed on the form to BACF.  Failure to provide all requested information may result in the application being rejected.
  • Organizations that have previously received funding from BACF and that have not completed the formal reporting requirements will not be considered for funding.
  • All grant approvals will be made by October 31st; all grants will be awarded by December 15th.
  • All applications are considered by BACF based upon their merit in relation to the grant criteria and available funds. BACF will review all qualified applications received, conduct interviews of representatives of the applicant, if necessary, consider such other information as the members may consider reasonable, and may set terms and conditions on any grants awarded.

Disclaimer: BACF is not responsible for electronic applications not received.

Reporting Requirements

In order to enhance the benefit of the grant to the recipient, BACF expects grant recipients to:

  • Evaluate their projects;
  • Submit a Progress Report of your project to BACF by April 30th of the following year; a Final Report upon completion of your project with a deadline of August 31st of the following year (i.e. prior to the next granting period);

Final Report should contain the following elements:

  • Final financial reports,
  • Media-ready story and photographs demonstrating the project impact,
  • Public recognition of BACF support to the project

Failure to comply with the reporting requirements will result in your organization’s future consideration for BACF funding.