The Brandon and Area Community Foundation is comprised of a talented group from around Westman that share an optimistic view for our community.

The Governance Responsibility of the BACF Board is to:

  • Represent the community/donors – Reflect, listen and communicate with the individuals, groups and community they serve
  • Provide leadership and organizational renewal – Develop vision for the future; establish clear direction with long and short-term goals.
  • Govern the community foundation – Establish outcome oriented policies that guide the foundation; regularly monitor the goals and policies to ensure their implementation.
  • Manage board operations – Develop and manage the board itself; secure the financial resources to do the job; accept the legal responsibility for the foundation; provide leadership and build relationships with the broader community.
  • Ensure operational management – Hire, supervise and evaluate BACF staff.


    Brandon Area Community Foundation Board of Directors



Andrea Epp, Director

Hope Switzer
Dan Robertson, Vice Chair

Dan Robertson, Past Chair

Hope Switzer
Bev Cumming, Past Chair

Jon Zilkey, Director

Bob Patterson
Jaime Pugh Clemmenson

Jaime Pugh, Treasurer

Gail Cullen, Director

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