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Brandon Area Community Foundation can provide you flexibility in creating your gift.

Giving Opportunities 

How Can I Give?

When you’ve made the decision to develop a fund, you’ll want to consider the options that work best for you and your situation. If an endowment fund isn’t a right fit for you, we can connect your gift to the growth of existing endowments. This way, we can ensure your one time gift is making the most impact as possible for causes and charities important to you.

Donation Options


Donations made by cash, cheque or credit card provide donors an immediate and simple option to give.  This appeals to donors as the funds are invested immediately and tax savings can be realized on their next income tax return.

Publicly Traded Securities

The transferring of stocks, shares, bonds, warrants and options listed on a prescribed stock exchange to BACF provides the donor with a beneficial option of giving.  Gifts of publically listed securities are exempt from capital gains tax.  The donor is issued a tax receipt for the closing price of the securities on the trading day we receive the gift.

Wills, Bequests & Life Insurance

A gift through a bequest, which is a donation noted in a will, not only provides a lasting legacy but can help reduce the tax paid by a donor’s estate.  A bequest to BACF can be in the form of cash, property, or by naming BACF as a beneficiary in a will or life insurance policy. The donor retains full control of the gift and can easily add a codicil to the will to meet changing circumstances.  Through consultation with legal and financial advisors a donor may determine that a residual bequest of all or a fraction of whatever remains after all debts, taxes and other bequests are paid is an option for establishing a lasting legacy.