Types of Funds

You build the fund. We take care of the rest.

Brandon Area Community Foundation (BACF) devotes our efforts and expertise to the work of charitable giving.

The foundation belongs to the community we serve and we work to attract wealth with a major focus on planned giving and gifts of assets.  Our efforts are focused on ensuring we match donor wishes with community needs, maximizing personal financial benefits and balancing current future and personal interests.

Community Fund

This fund allows the Board of Directors to decide where the earnings can be used most effectively each year. This fund provides flexibility in responding to the ever-changing needs in a community.

Field of Interest Fund

A donor identifies a general area of interest for the earnings to be directed and the Board selects appropriate organizations and projects each year that fulfill those wishes.

Designated Fund

The donor specifies one or more charitable beneficiaries and each year the earnings are directed in accordance with the donor wishes. Adjustments can be made to maintain the donor’s intent should a specified charity change names, purpose or no longer be in existence. Bursaries are scholarship endowments that fall into the Designated Fund category.

Donor Advised Fund

This fund provides the donor with the ability to advise the foundation each year regarding the charitable organization(s) that will benefit from the fund earnings. The agreement can provide a general direction and the foundation will research a provide options to the donor if they wish.

Each specific endowment fund established will fit into one of the above fund types.

Other Fund Options

Flow Through Fund

Flow Through Funds are non-permanent funds that  donor wishes to be passed through the foundation to qualified charitable organizations.  These funds are not invested and the entire amount may be disbursed at any time as specified by the donor.  A Flow Through Fund accomodates those donors who wish to immediately impact their community and protect their anonymity for philanthropic work.

Managed Fund

A Managed Fund is an effective way for a registered charity to benefit from investment pooling. Funds are held in trust by BACF and are invested on your behalf. Your board is freed from investment management and administrative responsibilities and your donors may be assured that through careful management, their gifts will grow providing a legacy of dependable, long-term support.