The Brandon and Area Community Foundation is excited to announce a new partnership with The United Way of Brandon & District in funding Youth in Philanthropy over the next three years. Participating schools are Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School, Vincent Massey Highschool, Ecole Secondaire Neelin High School and Elton Collegiate.

Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) is for young people who envision a safe, strong community where everyone from any culture and background can work together. YIP helps everyone in our community and you can be a part of it.

About YIP
YIP is designed to introduce motivated young people to philanthropy and local community development. The program will give you hands-on experience working as a team and with local charitable organizations. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience.

How YIP Works
In September, schools/organizations form YIP committees. Each committee receives $2.500 from the BACF foundation to distribute to charities of their choice. As a committee you decide on your areas of focus, goals and criteria. You will research charities that meet your criteria and learn more about what they do by visiting them and interviewing people who work there.

Each committee member helps to decide which charities will receive grants, how much money each will receive, and how it will be spent. You will then submit your grant recommendations to The Winnipeg BACF Foundation’s Board for final approval. In May, the program finishes up with a celebration for YIP participants, staff advisors and grant recipients.

Why Join YIP?
Through YIP you’ll gain skills that will last a lifetime and learn about some amazing people and organizations doing powerful work to make our community better.

Click here to view our new Youth in Philanthropy brochure.


Program Highlights


Neelin YIP






École secondaire Neelin High School

Alzheimer Society
$500running a client support group
Canadian Cancer Society
$500provide services, programs, advocacy
Helping Hands
$500provide food for homeless people
Prairie Mountain./Camp Bridges
$500cover costs for 2 youth to attend camp
Westman Dream for Kids
$500create video of a recipient's journey


Crocus Plains YIP






Crocus Plains Regional Secondary High School

Child & Family/Elspeth Reid Centre
$500grant for the Indigenous parenting program
Riverbank Discovery Centre
$500repair to walking trail
Special Olympics MB
$500fund members to cover registration fees
Teen Challenge
$500cover tuition
Western MB Regional Library
$500fund the English conversation club


Elton Collegiate YIP






Elton Collegiate

Assiniboine Food Forest
Commonwealth Air Training Museum
$400help with the production of ed programing
Forrest United Church
$400provide food hampers
Rapid City Library$400help to start a teen book club
Rapid City Museum$400support efforts to renovate museum basement
Waves of Hope
$400support kid and families in Westman


Massey YIP






Vincent Massey High School

Alzheimer Society
$500running a client support group
Canadian Cancer Society
$500provide services, programs, advocacy
Canadian Mental Health
$500build a meeting place where organizations
Grey Owl Post-Psychiatric Co-op Centre
$500child research programs
Westman Dream for Kids
$500fulfill dreams for sick children

For more information on the YIP program or how you can help to keep this initiative viable, please contact the BACF office at 204-571-0529 or e-mail


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