Board of Directors

The Brandon and Area Community Foundation is comprised of a talented group from around Westman that Share an optimistic view for our community.

Executive Board

Chairperson: Bev Cumming
Vice-Chairperson: Bev Cumming
Secretary: Harvey Laluk
Treasurer: Dan Robertson

BACF Board of Directors:

  • Aggie Buhler
  • Michelle Hood
  • Bob Patterson
  • Terri Roulette McCartney
  • Janet Shaw Russell
  • Hope Switzer

The Governance Responsibility of the BACF Board is to:

  • Represent the community/donors – Reflect, listen and communicate with the individuals, groups and community they serve
  • Provide leadership and organizational renewal – Develop vision for the future; establish clear direction with long and short-term goals.
  • Govern the community foundation – Establish outcome oriented policies that guide the foundation; regularly monitor the goals and policies to ensure their implementation.
  • Manage board operations – Develop and manage the board itself; secure the financial resources to do the job; accept the legal responsibility for the foundation; provide leadership and build relationships with the broader community.
  • Ensure operational management – Hire, supervise and evaluate BACF staff.