BACF Announces the Shannon & Harry Peters Hand-Up Renewable Bursary

March 21, 2024

Brandon Area Community Foundation proudly announces the launch of the Shannon & Harry Peters Hand-Up Renewable Bursary in celebration of International Women’s Day. This initiative, aimed at supporting single mothers returning to school, is a testament to the generosity of local philanthropists Shannon and Harry Peters. The bursary covers tuition for the first two years of college and offers additional financial aid for living expenses.

Inspired by the desire to make a positive impact, Shannon Peters collaborated with the Brandon Area Community Foundation and Assiniboine Community College to establish this vital resource. Dan Robertson, Chair of Brandon Area Community Foundation, emphasizes the transformative potential of the bursary, stating, “Creating this bursary, helping in this way will change the course of someone’s life… Shannon and Harry Peters’ bursary will do that.” Robertson expresses gratitude for the opportunity to assist in realizing the Peters’ vision, hoping their act of kindness inspires others to do the same.

This initiative underscores the Foundation’s commitment to supporting educational opportunities and empowering individuals within the community. For more information on creating a fund with BACF, visit